Mission & vision


RRP ensures the optimal functioning of available pipelines and infrastructure to guarantee the continuity of the transport of crude oil and petroleum products to our customers. Safety, reliability, sustainability and cost awareness are paramount.


RRP is a leading energy infrastructure company. Transport of crude oil and petroleum products is the core activity. RRP is a leader in pipeline transportation, maintenance and integrity of its pipeline system. Safety for people and the planet has the highest priority for RRP.

We also facilitate the energy transition by offering integrated infrastructure services.

RRP is an attractive employer and complies with legislation and regulations. RRP achieves this by developing motivated employees in an organisation that works with excellent consultants and contractors.


A safe and innovative pipeline company that excels because it is a leader in its sector. By using our experience, knowledge, skills and passion, we can play an important role for our shareholders and society in accelerating a controlled energy transition for a sustainable future.
The strategy is focused on three pillars:

  1. RUN & MAINTAIN. Operational Excellence, focusing on our core activity. Value creation for our shareholders by continuing to supply our customers with oil and oil products in a reliable, safe, sustainable and efficient manner.
  2. DEVELOP SUSTAINABILITY. Develop infrastructure (largely along our existing pipeline network), which will accelerate/improve the implementation of the energy transition and/or transport security. We do this together with our shareholders and important stakeholders. We believe this will make a significant contribution to accelerating the transition to a CO2-neutral energy supply.
  3. EARN OUR FUTURE. Based on “Operational Excellence”, through our existing knowledge and experience and through the synergy with our existing pipelines, we believe that we are a very attractive partner for the future operation and management of new infrastructure. This allows us to secure our long-term future.

We are proud of our company, we are customer-oriented, professional, reliable, innovative committed and flexible! Collaboration and a good working atmosphere are keys to our success.


N.V. Rotterdam-Rijn Pijpleiding Mij.

Dick Hosman
Managing Director