Safety & Integrity

Safety has high priority for RRP. For example, this means no accidents with injury and no leaks. RRP has secured the implementation of its policy and compliance with laws and regulations through an integrated management and safety management system that meets the NEN3650 (Bevb) and NTA8620 (Bevi/BRZO) standards.

It is important to prevent damage caused by external factors, such as excavation work. Because the pipeline is largely buried underground, there is a risk that the pipeline may inadvertently be damaged during excavation work resulting in a leak. For that reason, no work may be carried out on top of or near the pipeline without RRP’s permission.

In the Netherlands, it is mandatory to report any such work pursuant to the Underground Grids (Information Exchange) Act (WION). In Germany, contractors or farmers have free access to the National Information System for Pipeline Enquiries (BIL eG) to avoid damaging the pipeline. Besides issuing (excavation) permits and supervision, RRP also inspects the pipeline’s route.